TOP 10 keywords in Yandex.Direct on the subject of „Trips to Czech Republic“ and an estimation of advertising budget Yandex.Direct - contextual advertising service

Yandex.Direct, contextual advertising service on the Russian Internet, is nowadays considered to be one of the most effective of it’s kind. This is achieved through high relevancy between search queries and a showed ad. For instance, if user looks for the keyphrase „Экскурсия в Праге на русском“ („Prague tour in Russian“), advertiser can show him the ad with offers of currently available tours around Prague, which happen to be in Russian. The ad contains the necessary contact info and a link to the website with the service offered.

How much would the contextual advert cost and what are the most popular keywords and keyphrases in Yandex.Direct service? In our research, we picked the topic of “Туры в Чехию” (Tours in Czech Republic), which is relevant to the tourist companies oriented on Russian tourists wanting to visit Czech Republic.

With the help of special service of Yandex.Direct, that sets the current prices, we picked 10 “most valuable” keyphrases, current for contextual advertising of Yandex Search Engine. The price is set in Czech Korunas and the ad is going to be on the first place among competing companies.

Yandex.Direct also offers statistical data, like a rough number of views and hits per month (from the first place), which we can use to approximately estimate our monthly advertising budget according to top 10 best keyphrases from the given topic.

TOP 10 keyphrases Number of views per month (estimated) Number of hits per month (estimated) Approximate price per click, Kč Rough budget, Kč
отели Праги (Prague hotels) 32 786 217 95.87 20 803.00
экскурсия по Праге (Prague trips) 7 377 66 29.05 1 917.10
экскурсии по Праге на русском (Prague trips in Russian) 907 23 28.82 662.80
замки Чехии (Czech castles) 4.039 14 26.64 372.90
достопримечательности Чехии (Czech sights) 3 206 12 25.95 311.36
Прага туры цены (Prague tours prices) 1 330 11 22.96 252.58
путешествие по Чехии (traveling around Czech Republic) 751 8 12.97 103.79
Прага отдых (leisure in Prague) 3 411 36 11.60 417.45
экскурсии Чехия (tours Czech Republic) 1 547 12 10.91 130.88
поездка Прага (trip Prague) 2 713 22 9.30 204.59
Total with selected positions 58 067 421 25 176.46


It is worth mentioning, that the real budget is going to be a little different from the rough budget, because the rough budget is calculated based on the current prices that competition pays and statistical data from their campaigns, parameters of which can change in their future campaigns.