What is SEO and what is it for? SEO - search engine optimization

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As the Internet is constantly evolving, so do the algoritms of Search Engines. How to get my company to the top in search results among milions of other sites?

The majority of website owners don’t even think about what happens after their website gets finished and is visible to the people around the world. Even the most beautiful and the most useful internet source can be left without any visitors because of trivial reasons — Search Engines did not save that website to their database, or the site doesn’t get good rank (position you might say) in search results of main Search Engines. That is why it is important to pay attention not only to the design and contect of your website, but also to the rules of main Search Engines.

Search results ranking factors

is a set of rules and characteristics that Search Engines’ algoritms use to determine the value of the site in accordance with search query from the user and subsequently to rank the site in search results

In other words, to set the degree of relevance of the website to the search query, Search Engines have algoritms, which conform to hundreds of rules, that directly affect search results ranking.
Your website has to conform to the rules set by main Search Engines.

Website optimization is a collection of measures directed towards the betterment of the Internet Source and the increase of it’s value to users and Search Engines.

Search results ranking factors can be divided into a number of categories, each of which value different parts of the website (eg. the domain, server speed, website architecture, inbound and outbound links, backlinks from other sites, scripts, possible Search Engine penalties etc).
To get the maximum effect from the optimization, it important to optimize the website in accorande with all the factors. The goal is of course to incease the visitation rate from the target audience on a collection of search queries set by you.