TOP 10 keywords in Yandex.Direct on the subject of „Trips to Czech Republic“ and an estimation of advertising budget Yandex.Direct - contextual advertising service

Yandex.Direct, contextual advertising service on the Russian Internet, is nowadays considered to be one of the most effective of it’s kind. This is achieved through high relevancy between search queries and a showed ad. For instance, if user looks for the keyphrase „Экскурсия в Праге на русском“ („Prague tour in Russian“), advertiser can show him the ad with offers of currently available tours around Prague, which happen to be in Russian. The ad contains the necessary contact info and a link to the website with the service offered.
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SEO — Inner Factors — HTML markup rules

Inner Factors website optimization is comprised of many different disciplines, which, unfortunately, can not be all done programaticaly. Therefore, this part of the job is the most time consuming.

Nonetheless, finding out, what the challenges of your website are and then correcting them to satisfy the Search Engine rules, allows us to reach very good search results ranks and be a few steps ahead of our competition. Today, Inner Factors are the most important part of website SEO.
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What is SEO and what is it for? SEO - search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization - Rumarket

As the Internet is constantly evolving, so do the algoritms of Search Engines. How to get my company to the top in search results among milions of other sites?

The majority of website owners don’t even think about what happens after their website gets finished and is visible to the people around the world. Even the most beautiful and the most useful internet source can be left without any visitors because of trivial reasons — Search Engines did not save that website to their database, or the site doesn’t get good rank (position you might say) in search results of main Search Engines. That is why it is important to pay attention not only to the design and contect of your website, but also to the rules of main Search Engines. Read More…