The main purpose of internet project «GMP News» is spreading information about the production of pharmaceuticals and modernization or pharmaceutical manufactures.

Information project GMP News was created in 2009 as an overview internet source about manufacture of pharmaceuticals. The main sources of information are thematic massmedia, press centers of pharmaceutical companies, specialized conferences and exhibitions.

Main goals of the project:

  • Spreading information about modernization of pharmaceutical manufactures, modern pharma companies and transition to GMP standards.
  • Spreading information about the transition to GMP standards and pharmaceutical manufacture as a whole.
  • Promotion of worldwide experiences with GMP and it’s development. Taking part in forming of positive image of domestic producers, which work by GMP standards.
  • Promotion of modern method of work organization and practice of managing of pharmaceutical companies
  • Assistance in organization of qualification increase of employees of pharmaceutical companies
  • Help with finding specialists in pharmaceutical trade for work in modern pharma companies

In autumn of 2010 the first issue of «GMP News» magazine was published. This printed edition is following the internet source «GMP News» in it’s footsteps and is directed towards professionals in industry, directors of pharmaceutical companies, pharma specialists and wide range of other readers including students of pharmaceutical schools etc.

Today, the «GMP News» project is fully integrated with social networks, issues email newsletter for it’s subscribers, takes part in informational promotion of companies, topical conferences and exhibitions.