Marketing and advertising on the Russian Internet

Complex website promotion in Search Engines and Social Networks

Effective functionality of the website depends on visits from the target group of people. We are going to help you increase the activity, effectivity and the quality of your Internet project, which in turn is going to bring more customers to your company.

Our services:

  • Complex website audit including a competitor analysis
  • Search Engine Optimalization and Search Engine Marketing of the your website
  • Contextual advertising
  • Promotion on Social Networks (SMM)
  • Promotion in News
  • Copywriting, business photo and videorecording
  • Website development

Optimalization and Visualization

Search Engine Optimalization is one of the most important parts of the Internet Marketing. SEO allows you to make your site more visible in Search Results for the most important keywords for you. The higher you are in the Search Results, the better is the chance of your site being clicked on by potential customers.

We are optimizing the sites according to the latest practices for main search engines in Russia — Yandex and Google. We can even optimize your site’s tablet and smartphone versions.


To determine the main issues with the site and the ammount of work to be done with the promotion of the site in Russian Internet, it is required to do a website analysis or audit.

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